Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you want to go to graduate school in the United States?

Every year, there are thousands of students from different countries in the world that flock to universities in the United States for graduate studies, whether in business, law, engineering, social sciences, humanities, sciences and other fields. Yet, it can definitely be a terrifying experience for many. In this essential guide, Dr. Alexander Mamishev offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of graduate life and admissions. Dr. Mamishev graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) with a minor in Technology Management from Harvard Business School. With a combination of wit and candor, Dr. Mamishev gives students a rare insider’s perspective on the American education process. Inside, you’ll find valuable advice to help you make sense of the American education system, craft an irresistible application package, survive the transition to your new environment, live and work while studying, work with your adviser to get the most out of your education, and more! Whether you are coming to grad school from somewhere else in the United States or from the other side of the world, let this book be your guide to success in grad school and in your academic career beyond. This is definitely a wonderful book and I highly recommend it to those who are interested in applying to graduate schools.

 I am currently applying to several graduate programs in the US: MIT, Stanford, USC. Since MIT is the author's alma mater, the book provides some tips and secrets that pertain to MIT. Although this book was designed for international students, I feel a lot of the information can be used for domestic/local US students as well. It gave me good direction on what to and not do in grad school applications. This book also has good sense of humor and witty illustrations!

This book is sold in print and also as an e-book.

In my opinion, the e-book is a great value for under $6, but for under $20, one can get a printed version here.


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